Why you can’t link to social media from our site…


UnknownWe make a living off social and digital media — after all, we wrote the book on making social media work for business, so why don’t we provide links to social media on our site? The answer to this question says a lot about how we think.

Every single thing we do in our work is purpose-driven. If I am trying to get you on and into my site, then why would I create a link on the home page to take you immediately off of it? To the extent we use social, it’s to drive people to our site, not take them away from it.

We recently created a transactional website for a someone and when it was done, he said:  “I love the site, it’s more than I imagined it could be, but where’s the Facebook button?” Why do you need it? I asked. “Because everyone has it. It’s kind of required,right?” WRONG. He was trying to transact business. Social was very important to him, and we created a lot of content on Facebook this case, but if having the social presence wasn’t part of building his brand, and if the goal was to get people to the site to buy something, why would I want to give someone an exit, especially if we know from research that once someone is gone, they’re not coming back?

We want to puke every time we hear “because everyone does it.” Do something because it generates the desired impact for your brand. Period.