Killer Content: Our Creative…

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”   – Aristotle

Communications is about branding — it’s about capturing the essence of something, creating a persuasive narrative, and then executing it against a strategy towards a goal.  Everything we do is purpose-driven. We work at the highest levels creating communications programs, and we execute those down to the smallest detail through a carefully prescribed process.

JeffWebCollageWe operate in a world with constellations of information, where brands are now shared and under constant threat. While Content is King, Confusion Reigns Supreme. Only clear, substantively rooted, exceptionally executed communications have a chance at breaking through the clutter — having an IMPACT. Those who recognize and embrace this new construct position themselves for growth. Those who don’t will find themselves locked in a battle for survival, armed with cliches, a weak brand and content that’s lost in the technosphere.

Our communications take many forms, including:

  • Web Sites, including architecture, design, copy writing and creative production.
  • PhRMAHIV3Social & Traditional Media, with an emphasis on Crisis Communications, including defending a brand in real-time through social, and the development of creative to define and drive a brand by creating infographics, social graphics, videos, animated content, blog posts and related content.
  • Videos, Podcasts & Audio Production. We have an award winning screenwriter on staff, with experience writing and producing independent films and videos, including the production of videos for Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC. In addition, we created, edited and managed a successful podcast for a client for over four years. We have skilled voiceover talent on staff, as well as producers who can quickly cut videos, podcasts and audio files.
  • Presentations and Graphics. We have built presentations for Presidential Candidates,  US Senators, CEO’s, managers and small PPTExample usiness leaders. We are experts in building compelling and memorable presentations, from the slides and graphics to the speeches and related content.
  • Blogs, Books & Speeches. We have ghost-written books for celebrities and public figures, and Jeff continues to win awards for his screenplays. He still writes creatively almost every night, which keeps him fresh and provides an edge for our clients — how many people can say they have an award-winning screenwriter creating the narrative for their brand?