Research, Audits & Strategy

Research: Penetrating Analysis Providing Valuable Insights


EVERYTHING we do is grounded in careful analysis. We’re in the business of figuring things out, and that starts first with careful research, and by listening to you.

You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t communicate the distinguishing characteristics of your product or idea,  your brand will suffer. To have a shot at being successful, you need a really good plan, one that is not only rooted in analysis, but also guided by the right positioning. That’s our value-add. We bring an analytically-grounded, strategic mindset to everything we do.

The business world has endured enormous volatility since the onset of the Great Recession. In almost every sector, the repercussions of globalization, intensifying competition and rapid societal and technological change allow little margin for error — everything is harder, and more complex. However, disruptive change often yields exciting new business opportunities…if you can find them.


Communications & Marketing Audits and Plans

We have run non-profits, started small businesses, and invested in and consulted for a number of start-ups. We’ve succeeded and failed, and we can bring the wisdom of our experience to your benefit. Are you a non-profit looking to grow your fundraising or marketing program? Are you grown your company but find your marketing isn’t working? We can help. Our audit packages range from $5,000 – $15,000, and at the end of the 1-2 month program, you will have a plan in hand with a clear path to growth.

Disciplined communications conducted as part of a plan, guided by a strategy and focused relentlessly in pursuit of a goal have a shot at success. The rest will most likely fail, miserably. If not now while things appear to be going well, then when the next crisis or problem hits, when external circumstances change, or when the brand is exposed and at risk. Let us audit your existing program, and help you build a successful program from the ground-up.


Brand Positioning

images-1We help you align your brand positioning with your goals. Without a doubt, while a relatively short exercise — one that can take as little as a week — this is the single most important feature of any marketing program. If your brand is not properly aligned, your communications will NOT be successful.  We first take a look at your brand identity, corporate descriptor and tagline, and then align it within the marketplace, charting a course for your success.

Message Creation

Another cornerstone of the communications plan, the Message Architecture, helps establish and communicate the distinguishing characteristics of your brand. We work with you to develop the three core messages that will be integrated into all communications.