Driving, Defining and Defending a Brand through Social & Traditional Media…

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.10.39 PMWe served as Press Secretaries to US Senators, spokespersons for CEOs on Wall Street, and managed crisis for for non-profits and small businesses. We enter the world of social media with an entirely different perspective: it is a world where a nut with a blog has as much power as a reporter working for the Wall Street Journal. Every conversation, every post, every engagement, represents a chance to define and drive brand equity…or dilute it.

So then why is social media often pushed to the back room and executed by inexperienced communications professionals when it is now the most visible face of your brand? 

We’ve built our business model around the answer to that question. The entire spectrum of media is undergoing a revolution presenting both significant opportunities and risks. Everyone’s “doing” social media these days, but most businesses are just launching campaigns without really understanding why.  In fact, many social programs work directly against the company’s goals by driving traffic away from the points where commerce occurs or action must be taken.


Are you getting a return on your investment? And when a crisis erupts, like it did for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, are you prepared? Will your social media program effectively defend you, or leave you exposed and place your reputation at risk?

We can help. When we work with you on your social media content, like creating infographics, writing blogs, creating videos, we are unique in that we bring a strategic, brand-focused mindset together with exceptional creative executions to deliver powerful results.  

We literally wrote the book on social media for business (pictured to the right). Whether you’re defending your brand in a crisis or defining itthrough an integrated communications program, we have a proven, prescribed methodology to help you unleash the potential of your social media program.

Backed by GaggleAMP, an industry leading social media amplification solution, we work with you to measure, leverage and nurture your relationships, and make the important connections you need to meet specific business objectives. We have a proven process that begins with an audit and analysis; we then align your social media program to meet your goals and then amplify your communications to achieve results.

Let us know if you’d like to receive a complementary copy of our book, “Making Social Media Work for your Business”.

Traditional Media Relations

In terms of a concerted media campaign, “traditional” media relations still matters.  However, the reality is that much of what happens on the traditional side is now driven through social, whether it’s following a reporter’s twitter feed to get information about reporting and positioning stories to pitching electronically. But when it comes to hand-to-hand combat with the press — and never delude yourself into thinking that any reporter is your friend — we’ll put our team up against anyone. We’re grizzled veterans who have spent decades dealing with reporters at the highest levels — from serving as a press secretary to Sen. Joe Biden and Sen. Jay Rockefeller, to working with the press on a presidential campaign and during Wall Street crises. We know how to push a disciplined narrative and give you  your best shot at gaining coverage in a dwindling market.