Presentations & Related Content

Meetings, events or public speeches provide invaluable ways to connect with and  persuade your audience.  However, the right rhetorical approaches, organization of messages, and supporting evidence are vital to successfully acquire mindshare and move people. Presentation skills also matter a great deal.

So, are you getting ready for an important speech? Have a big presentation or pitch coming soon with a lot riding on it? We’ve written speeches for executives at all levels, created Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, drafted Investor Pitch Desks and orchestrated critical fundraising events.

Maybe you’re running an event and  need help?  How would you like to have your next speech written by an award-winning writer who has written speeches for US Senators, Presidential Candidates and CEOs? Or maybe we can help you craft that perfect pitch, as we did for a firm recently that earned a $15 million investment.  Or maybe we can bring a refreshing eye to your event, having managed events at the Presidential level, while also being experts in promotions and social media.

Even when hired to write one speech, we recognize that every communication or presentation is critically important to defining or defending a brand. By virtue of how we work, we also understand how a speech, presentation or event is not just a one-time event. So we work with you to leverage your communication, pre-event, in real-time and post-event, through traditional and social media, the web and through amplification tools like GaggleAMP. We want to help you make your words resonate, not just in the room, but to all the people connected to your brand.

We work constructively with you on your presentation skills, from trivial things like how to hold your head and where to look, to substantive things like what messages to emphasize and how to close your argument. Effective speeches are the result of an effective process — one we know how to lead.


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