About Us: Who’s Generating the Impact…

We see things others don't. Take this tree, for example. While many were enjoying the scenery during full daylight, we took advantage of the opportunity to catch the tree in relief to the sun, rather than take the picture most would take -- a beautiful tree during the fall foliage.

We look at things from a fresh perspective. Take this tree, for example. Taken on a day with full sunshine that found many enjoying the fall foliage, we used the sunlight to contrast this tree in relief, offering a unique perspective. We never look at the something the same way every time.

What makes us unique? The combination of a strategic mindset you’d find with a CMO, with the creative talents that you’d pay a premium for on Madison Avenue.  We’re purposefully small, because we found through our own experiences that agencies sell up and scale down — bringing the big-wigs into a pitch, and then putting the juniors on the account. At our firm, Jeff manages and touches every aspect of the work — the challenge invigorates him, and our clients are richly rewarded by getting a seasoned professional at a fraction of the usual price. In addition, we have established, contractual relationships with a variety of professionals to provide specific services when needed, from programming to legal and graphic design.

Research, Analysis & Strategy
Everything we do is grounded in research and analysis because penetrating insights fuel powerful results. So, whether we’re conducting competitive or market intelligence, analyzing a brand or an issue, we figure out what really makes something tick through:

Through our proud partnership with the Advocom Group, a global advocacy and communications firm, we are able to provide unparalleled strategic consulting services.

Creative Content Development
We tell the story, and today that means the creation of digitally-focused content. We are experts in the creation of  content in all media, but specialize in:

We’re proud of the team we’ve assembled to help our clients meet their business objectives. Jeff Kimball leads our creative team, while Michael Dunne leads the research and analysis practice. Rakan Nimr leads our editorial practice. They have work for decades with a stable of senior strategists, programmers, writers, financial professionals, designers — every skill your organization will need to deal with the problems you face, help you grow or unleash the potential of your brand.