College Essays

College EssayYes, it is as weird for you to see this in our list as it is for us to write it, but here it is — a huge driver of growth in our own business. Sad to say in some respects that getting into college is one of the most carefully crafted exercises in brand development that one can engage in today. But we live in an era where everyone is a brand, and the quicker you recognize that, the more successful you will be.

We bring the same exact process to the crafting of a college essay that we bring to the creation of a brand for a start-up. We never just edit an essay or figure out a creative way to tell the same cliched story, we start first by helping you figure out what makes an applicant’s brand unique, and then we bring our creative talents to bear to articulate that narrative in the most compelling way.

We charge $100/hour, with a max of $2,500 per essay (because we think that’s all the market should bear for such work, although others charge significantly more). This means we usually lose about $7,500 per essay based on the amount of time we spend, but we feel it’s a perfect complement to the intense nature of our consulting work.  Our consulting work always takes priority and we never take on essay development unless we can commit to its completion, but for us, it’s the perfect way to fill the gaps between clients, and a nice way to change course and help those who need it.