Brand Audits and Plans

As we have done for many start-ups and non-profits, we can help you develop your marketing program and budget, starting first with a brand audit if needed, down to the line-by-line, tactic-by-tactic basis. We not only are experts in developing strategically guided plans, but because we are expert tacticians, everything we propose, we can do or have already done for someone else — so we know what works, what doesn’t, and why.

We have run non-profits, started small businesses, and invested in and consulted for a number of start-ups. We’ve succeeded  in most cases, helping a non-profit align its brand an realize unprecedented growth in fundraising and enrollment, investing successfully in technology start-ups, or working to overhaul the image of commuter college and turning it into a robust residence-based university. But when we’ve failed, it’s because at the core we were brought into mitigate internal disagreements that couldn’t be bridged, or because a VC and a CEO couldn’t agree on the direction of a company.  Every experience is incredibly valuable, and we have a wealth of experience to bring to bear to help you realize and unleash your potential.

Our audit packages range from $5,000 – $15,000, and at the end of the 1-2 month program, you will have a plan in hand with a clear path to growth.

Lane Bailey, Founder of the Advocom Group — our strategic partner — talks frequently about brand influence. He taught us that those who earn the trust of their stakeholders, and achieve a leadership position in the market, hold influence  not just over their brand, but are valued as such. This isn’t a pie in the sky theory, it’s a bottom line result. Think about Apple.

How do you achieve brand influence? You need a plan, and that plan has to be guided by a strategy and work in pursuit of clearly defined goals.

How does your brand stack up? Is your plan working for you? Do your stakeholders understand what you do and are they willing to invest in your brand? Do you have a plan?

We’re experts in creating plans that align your organization for growth. We’ve done it companies of all sizes, from non-profits to small and large businesses.

We have a seven-step process that we use to create comprehensive brand plans: 

  1. Plan, Goal and Strategy Review
  2. Message Analysis — what are you trying to say, and what have you been saying
  3. Content Analysis — a quantitative and qualitative look at your footprint — in other words, what have you done and what’s out there defining your brand?
  4. Influencers and Stakeholders — a qualitative look at who is connected to you and influencing your brand
  5. Return on Investment (ROI) — we look at your budget and spend and, if possible, calculate the return on your communications investment.
  6. Strategy and Message Alignment – we re-align your strategy if needed, and then create a new messaging architecture
  7. Development of a comprehensive Brand Plan

One of the first lessons those in communications learn is this: The best way to kill a bad product is to promote it. Similarly, the best way to kill a brand with promise is to communicate poorly.

What makes a communication effective? That’s a question that’s been asked for centuries. As students of communication, we’re inspired by the likes of Aristotle, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg and Bill Clinton. Certainly effective communications need to be grounded in a core truth — in an authentic reality, otherwise the communication won’t match the brand experience, and instead of choosing you as your partner, they will reject you as a brand predator. More than anything, communications need to be purposeful, creative, disciplined and executed with precision.

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