Business Analysis

The business world has endured incomparable volatility and uncertainty since the onset of the Great Recession. In almost every sector the repercussions of globalization, intensifying competition and rapid societal and technological change allow little margin for complacency or errors. Ways of doing business will only grow in complexity. However, market headwinds and disruptive change often yield exciting new business opportunities.

The mission of the Business Analysis practice is to help enterprises fully comprehend market conditions, relevant internal capabilities, and leading trends that impact competitiveness and expose growth opportunities. The goal is to improve fact-based decision making around strategizing, planning and execution of subsequent initiatives.

Change can be hard to execute in organizations large and small, compounding the importance of compelling strategies that pragmatically tackle business conditions and offer credible blue prints for achieving objectives. Hence, we offer analytic services for a spectrum of needs for strategy support and business planning, including:

• Growth strategies evaluations

• Market expansion strategy reviews

• Market sizing and trends analyses

• Go-to-market strategy assessments

• Competitive analyses

• Brand and reputation assessments

• Sales and marketing strategy evaluations

• Business process automation strategy reviews

• Web modernization assessments

Our analytic services enable clients to more effectively adjust to disruptive market developments with greater agility, decisively exploit new trends, and acquire critical insights necessary for achieving market differentiation and outdistancing competitors.

In particular, the Business Analysis practice is optimized to deliver grounded analysis for clients of Creative Executions’ creative and branding services. Clients can more skillfully guide and hone promotional and marketing initiatives, branding, corporate communications and stakeholder and customer engagement from a superior understanding of market realities.

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