Jeff is an award-winning screenwriter who seeks to become “The J.J. Abrams of loss…or at least the Seth MacFarlane.” He currently has four screenplays in development:  Bermuda Triangle, The Candidates and Raising Annie.

Bermuda Triangle

A widowed cancer researcher, her grieving step-daughter, a wounded beaver and a pornographic elderly book group. On the journey into the depth of loss, how do we find love and redemption? The Bermuda Triangle, driven by the psychological theory of “triangulation,” explores the nature of relationships and loss, and whether earning true love and redemption is possible. The metaphorical backdrop of the mythical “Bermuda Triangle,” where all things are lost and never to be found, is provocatively present throughout. Richly dark and comically irreverent, the screenplay will undoubtedly move audiences. Want to read it (all rights reserved, and all that stuff)? Email and he’ll send you a copy.

The Candidates

The Candidates seeks to answer the timeless question asked at the end of Robert Redford’s classic 1972 film: “so what do we do now?” The dramatic feature film offers a narrative on what it means to win and lose, in politics, in relationships, and in life. The film offers a real, raw, sometimes wickedly funny and irreverent look at grief and politics. Ultimately the movie is about the dysfunctional nature of loss, earning redemption and starting over as told through a widowed father’s fractured relationship with his grieving daughter and a widowed Congressman’s fractured relationship with his ailing constituents.

Raising Annie

Raising Annie is a film about letting go and finding everlasting love. The movie exploits the relationship of a fractured family as they seek to rebuild after a tragic incident leaves them picking up the pieces of their lives, and fighting against the demons that cripple them.

The Power of Conviction

Based on the book Jeff spent six years writing with James Tillman, the movie chronicles James’ real-life story.